How too cook rice!

Rice can be cooked in different  ways,-i ncluding:

  • Boiling: cook rice in salted
  • Steaming: cook rice using a steamer called “rice cooker” or a pan with lid and a steamer
  • Risotto cooking method: \eave the rice to toast in a pan for few minutes, then cook by addingvegetable or meat stock depending on the Pour ladlefuls of stock until the rice is covered and_ keep adding stock while mixing, until cooked. Cream at the end with something thick like butter to cr ate a ave-style risotto.

High quality dee requires more time to be fully cooked (read the instructions on the packet).

Make sure to avoid overcooking the rice and keep the heart of the grain al dente.

A serving of rice is around 70/80g, but this may change depending on the type of seasoning you choose.

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