Our history

My name is Christian, born in 1975, Italian, Veneto, Vicenza, emigrated to Romania with my family in the now distant 2015.

I went from the frenetic life of the city to that of the countryside where time is marked by nature and the rhythm of the seasons.

I have always been immensely in love with my culinary traditions and my flavours, my perfumes, my colors have never been lacking on the table.. in two words, the art of Italian cuisine especially for first courses.

And it is here that among rolling pins, presses, dies and some jealously preserved recipes of my grandmother, Lara my daughter, fell in love with homemade pasta from an early age, always amazed by how delicious dishes could be created from these “magic” instruments.

And this is how I came up with the idea of starting this business and making as many people as possible aware of products that could have added value, a value called made in Italy, a value that is known all over the world.

Christian Costantini