Pots and pans

How many pots ano pans do you need?

You’ll need the right pots and pans to cook good pasta. Normally you’ll need 3 types:

Cooking pot

lt’s a fairly large pot – generally 27×24 cm (0xH) of around 41 capacity – perfect far making 4 setvings of pasta. Sometimes it comes with a pasta strainer.
Since it’s mainly used to boil water, it has not to be non-stick.
Perfect far cooking both long and short pasta.


Perfect for preparing sauces and Bolognese sauce (Ràgù). It should be at least 18×28″ cm (0xH) of around 2-3L capacityto make’ sauces to serve 4. It comes with 1 or 2 handles.
Since it’s used to cook sauces and Bolognese sauce over a low heat for a long period of time, it’s better if it’s non-stick.


lt’s used to cook risotto and sauces. It should be non-stick.
To prepare servings for 4, it should be at least 28x7cm (0xH) with handle.

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