Double use wooden cutting board: rigagnocchi, garganelli and standard



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Natural beech tool with grooves perfect for scratching gnocchi and making garganelli romagnoli. It is equipped with 2 small wooden sticks for garganelli.

This object on the other side can be used as a normal cutting board.

Measure 37×12 cm

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We use the highest quality raw materials. If you are looking for the best wood cutting boards dedicated to Garganelli Pasta and Gnocchi Pasta this will be perfect for you. It’s also a gift idea for italian pasta lovers. We suggest you look for our other unmissable pasta tools in our shop, like pasta machines, professional rolling pins and ravioli molds.

How to clean it

Before using the wooden chopping board for the first time, clean it with a cloth.

After use you can easily clean it simply with a brush and a clean cloth. Don’t use water, it will be easier to clean it from pasta dough dry pieces.

It’s made with wood that is suitable for food contact. This tool is made of Wood: don’t wash it into the dishwasher. Wood absorbs odours and liquids: immediately clean it after use.

Do you know Gnocchi Pasta?

Gnocchi is a typical Italian Pasta made with potatoes and flour: it’s famous all around the world. It can be served with a lot of sauces, like Bolognese Sauce, with tomato and meat, or Pesto alla Genovese. The Pasta Wooden Cutting Board is perfect to make lines on gnocchi, to make them hold the sauce more.

Do you know Garganelli Pasta?

Garganelli are a Typical Homemade Pasta variety from Romagna (Italy), prepared with eggs and flour. This tool is indispensable to roll them up and scratch them as in the original recipe. You can serve them with a lot of sauces, the most famous one is the Zingara Sauce (with bacon, mushrooms, sweet peppers, onion, tomato). “Buon Appetito”!

Product Details

Material: Beech wood

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