Pasta board with edge for orecchiette, gnocchi, cicatelli and torchietti



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Multilayer birch wood board with sides about 4 cm high.

Work surface suitable for the preparation of orecchiette, gnocchi, cicatelli and torchietti.

Wooden stop that covers almost the entire length of the cutting board and guarantees its stability.

Our wooden pastry boards are strictly Made in Italy.

Board dimensions: 65x50x5.2 cm


Board dimensions: 65x50x5.2 cm

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Wooden board is already treated for food contact, but you can take the dust away with a dump cloth. A couple of times per year you could pass a few drops of very pure vaseline oil for food with a cloth, too, it will appreciate it!


Please remind that wooden board is porous and may absorb contaminations as detergents.

Clean it with little water and some bicarbonate.

Dry in vertical position, keeping it away from heat sources to avoid contortions or damages.

To keep it you should not use the plastic bag of the package, better a cotton or TNT case that allows the wood to breathe to avoid bad smells and mold.

Store it in a dry environment.

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Material: Birch wood


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